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Reagent strips for urinalysis and urine  analyzer 

We gain Britain nqa ISO13485 and CE certificate,we also gain Germany TUV ISO13485:2003






Yercon Quality control process








Yercon Production Line,Specification and Details


Production Line




& Clinic

Urine Test

A.Urinalysis Strip

a.urine test 1-9 parameters (visual read strips)

b.urine test 10-12 parameters(machine read strips)

test urine:Leucocyte Nitrite Urobilinogen Protein pH Blood Specific Gravity Ascorbic Acid Ketone Bilirubin Glucose MA

B.Urine Analyzer



Home Health

Urine Test

A.pH Indicator

a.pH saliva & urine test

b.pH drinking water test

c.pH swimming & fishing pool test

B.Ketone Lose Weight Test

a.ketone fat firing urine test strips

b.ketone diabetes urine test strips

C.Diabetic Urine Strps

a.diabetes urine glucose strips

b.diabetes urine strips 2K glucose, ketone

D.Kidney Test Strips

a.protein urine strips

b.glucose protein urine tests URS-2P


Solution Test

A.pH Strips

a.pH 1-14   1 color wide range tests

b.pH 4.5-9.0   2 color Precision pH tests

B.Nitrite Strips

a.food liquid nitrie test strips


a.food Ascorbic Acid test strips

D.glucose test

a.food liquid glucose test strips

b.Nutrient solution glucose test strips





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Yercon Main quality products----


urine test strips 1-12 parameters



pH indicator strip



ketone loss weight urine tests



diabetic urine glucose tests


Bayer technology,perfect supply chain...

Yercon Diagnostic Co.,Ltd

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stable supply chain 

40 urine analyzers and 40,000barrels/month(2 production lines)
Fast delivery(3 days FedEx DHL)
First exporting Co., in China(from 1998)
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One touch URS-4SG


pH urine & saliva strip



Urine analyzer





Detection process



Urine analyzer



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TUV ISO 13485


NQA ISO 13485






Ketone urine strips



After sport,test your

urine with ketone strip!

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Customer first

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2 color pH

1 color pH







Professional high-quality


Reasonable price


Depth of Service


Personalized service


Stable raw material supply chain


Monthly production capacity


of 30,000 barrels


2 production lines


Fast delivery


The first export enterprises


from 1998


The quality of the overall


foreign trade service capabilities


OEM package









 "True North"

 of enterprise


     1.High Quality






pH Test

Saliva & Urine 









pH 1-14

Wide Range pH